A Product Junkie’s Closet

A picture worth a thousand words, or more fitting--A THOUSAND BUCKS!

A picture worth a thousand words, or more fitting–A THOUSAND BUCKS!


I am a product junkie; I cannot deny it. I’ve tried so many different products since I’ve been natural–way more than in this image here. Keep in mind that poo’s and conditioners are not included in this image. This is my current stash of hair products.
In the past, I’ve done a closet clean out by discarding products I no longer use and products that I felt were unhealthy for my hair. These were products that contained petrolatum/petroleum/petroleum oil, mineral oil, dimethicones and other silicones, parabens, sulfates, and whole bunch of chemical stuff I couldn’t pronounce.
When I returned to being natural, I wanted to care for and grow my hair the healthiest way possible. I took it to the extreme, researching and familiarized myself with products, ingredients, tips, etc. and used natural and organic products only. I even tried making my own natural products. Then I decided that that took up way too much time and was too much work. So then, I decided to stick to buying products that contained natural and important ingredients to aid in my natural hair growth.
Nowadays, there are a number of new and growing companies, both big and small that are creating natural and organic products.  Other big companies that have been around for some time are also picking up on the natural trend and revamping their hair care lines by taking out unnecessary chemicals, synthetics, dyes, fragrances, fillers, and more. For this reason, I have stopped trying to create my own homemade products. However, I have turned into a product junkie monster due to the colossal  amount of products companies are putting out!
At the same time, I appreciate the different products because I love trying new things to see what works well with my hair when I try different styles. If there are any products in the picture above that you’re considering to try but aren’t too sure about, just inquire below. I’ll gladly tell you my experience with it. And if there are any products that you’d like to suggest I try, feel free to comment and let me know! 🙂

5 thoughts on “A Product Junkie’s Closet

  1. The only thing I have in that pile is the coconut oil. I love that stuff!!! I don’t use anything else other than a sulfate-free shampoo maybe once every other month. I am the anti-product junkie. For a deep conditioner I use yogurt, egg, and honey. If I can’t eat it, it doesn’t go on my body (except for the shampoo, but I’m working on that 😉 ).

    • I am working on becoming like you! Started my hair closet clean out today actually. And I totally agree with using the natural or edible items, haha, I will be returning to that as soon as I use up the good products! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me! 🙂

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