This is my very first post ever! Exciting 🙂

It will contain a little bit of everything. It’s kinda like when you’re starting an essay but you don’t know where to begin.. so here goes:


I go by the name, Sarahdee, Sarah Dee, Sarah-Dee? I still can’t decide on the presentation.


I am a natural gal with kinky-coily hair. Currently, when stretched with fingers, my hair touches the top of my shoulder. And of course when wet, it shrivels up like a slug doused with salt.


I’ve returned to being natural since May 2011 (Big Chop). I’ve been natural to date–it’s been a little over 2 years now. I made the decision to return natural in October 2010 when my hair started breaking off after the summertime of that year. I had been using texturizers since sophomore year in high school. Prior to using texturizers I had perms. I started perming my hair in the early 2000’s a couple years after I emigrated to America. I saw all the girls in school with straight hair and I wanted to have straight hair just like them. After begging, my mother gave in and permed my hair. I regret this decision for her. However, you live and learn. Thank God for forgiving hair that just keeps growing no matter what..almost!

My Goals

I want to make a conscious effort to record my hair journey and hold myself

accountable for my hair growth. I want to be an inspiration to girls and women to return natural and also to those who have already return natural, learn about and care for their hair. I plan to share my knowledge on haircare. including products, styling, and tips. Here and there I may take a break from the hair talk to add in some unrelated posts. Don’t worry, I won’t get too carried away. I truly want to turn my hobbies and interests: writing, photography, doing hair, making wigs, fashion and jewelry and more into a brand and a business.  And by the grace of God, whatever his will, it shall be done!

I would love, LOVE, and welcome, any all posts that are positive, constructive, related to, and filled with knowledge to share with us naturals. I appreciate your thoughts! Let’s keep it positive and let’s have fun like it’s a girl’s night in! 🙂 #naturalhairrocks

“We don’t go natural. We return..” (-Nunustyles)


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