Tame that Mane!

After the take-down (braids)

After the take-down (braids)

Detangling can be the most difficult and painful part of your hair regimen. But with the use of a detangling agent, your detangling process would be reduced by half the time it usually takes. All you need is a great detangling product and your hair will be your best friend! It also helps prevent breakage from constant pulling and stress while detangling with a comb or brush. Lastly, some great detanglers serve as leave in conditioners to moisturize your hair.
Here is the method and what I use to tame my mane after taking out braided or twisted protective styles and prepare for a wash day:
Detangleing Method
Wide tooth comb
Spray bottle
Detangling cream
Coconut oil
Fill a spray bottle about 1/3 of its holding amount with water, detangling cream, and a little coconut oil
Shake until the cream is properly mixed with the water
Separate your hair in sections
Saturate each section with mixture and detangle starting from hair ends
Add coconut oil to each section and two strand twist (Optional-wash day pre-treatment)

3 thoughts on “Tame that Mane!

    • Finger detangling? I do it most of the time except when I want to wash my hair. I’ve finger detangled before a wash day before and after I had little knots an tangles. I love finger detangling every other day except wash days. lol How does it work for you?

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