Havana Happy!

Havana! Havana! Havana!

This is it! I’ve finally found my go-to, long-lasting protective style! This past weekend, I redid my Havana twists much smaller than my previous installment. I am much happier with these results. These are by far my favorite protective style! I just love how versatile, lightweight, natural-looking and easy this style is! My hair is happy, I’m happy!

My current twists are medium-sized long Havana twists as opposed to the past two weeks’ Chunky Havana Twists. Since it was my first time doing Havana twists on myself, I didn’t know how much hair to use, how big to part the sections or how to make the twists appear chunky. However, from my first experience, I’ve learned what to do and I’ve made some big adjustments for my current install which I love!

So here are some tips from my experience:

In order to have a chunky or thick and full look, you should loosely twist the hair. Since this hair is coarse (Marley hair), the twists will loosely hold and unlikely unravel. My first install, I used more hair than needed (5 strands per twist) and made my twists fairly tight. This time, I used only 3 strands and sectioned my twists smaller; this ensures that the style would last much longer than the two weeks my Chunky Havana twists lasted.

Finish and Style Tip:

I used white cold wave rods to curl my ends. I dipped them in hot water and let them dry completely before unraveling. Curled ends makes your twists look fresh, cute, and finished. The curls can last as long as you have your twists installed.

Take 1 and Take 2:

For more of my Havana twist pictures, check out my Hair Creations/Twists page!


12 thoughts on “Havana Happy!

  1. I wanna try this style sooo bad. I’ve already bought the hair but need to take the time to actually attempt to do this style. How long did it take to complete your head the second time around?

    • omgee lol the first time I did it, it literally took me all day. It seemed so easy to do until I did it. But once you get the hang of it, it’s not so bad. The second time, my twists (much smaller) took only 4 hours and 15 minutes. You should definitely do it, I love how natural this style is, especially when it gets rusty. 🙂

  2. Hair. Envy.
    I DEFINITELY want to try this now. I’ve been hunting for a protective style to try that wasn’t heavy on my hair because I don’t want it to tug on my strands. About how long does the style last for you? I need to do some more research because I’m seriously considering this. I just don’t have the time like I use to to style hair so often anymore.

    • Go for it! 😀 It’s the lightest long hairstyle I’ve ever had!! It like feather light–no exaggeration. These will last me, at the very least, one month. And to stretch the longevity when they’re stale, I would redo the perimeter (if some twists are loose), put them in a nice high bun and slick down my edges with some edge control. I highly recommend this protective style, you will love it!

      • See…NOW you got me excited about trying it lol 3 questions: how much does the hair normally run? How many packs did you get? What tutorial videos do you recommend?

      • A pack is around 5 bucks and I used 5 packs. I recommend watching as many as you can so that you can get an idea on how to do them and feel comfortable. I don’t know any specific youtubers that are good because I think they’re all good in a way. I’ve done these before also (not on my own head), so I didn’t favor one or two particular youtubers. But honesty, watching a variety will help because its such a simple technique that it’s just all about getting comfortable with it.

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