Conditioners and Deep Treats!


Conditioners, deep conditioners, intensive treatments, co-wash conditioners!

Over the years of using conditioners, I’ve never found a staple product that I felt did an absolutely amazing job on my hair. I don’t really care for regular conditioners after a shampoo too much at all, although I should, because conditioners are the most important step when washing your hair. I just feel like most conditioners are watered down and don’t contain enough of the essential ingredients it claims.

However, you should know that the product remain on your hair even after rinsing–that is the point of it being a conditioner. It is important to use a great conditioner for the sake of your hair’s heath. I actually prefer leave-in conditioners over regular conditioners because of the thicker density and less harsh chemicals in the leave-in (at least the ones I buy). Also, it might be a mental trick, but anything that I have to put in my hair for a minute to three or five minutes to then rinse out, is not worth putting in my hair in the first place. But that’s just my opinion. I still do it anyway, sometimes.

Deep conditioners on the other hand, I do not mind using. I don’t deep condition as often as I should, but I do feel a difference in my hair when I deep condition for 30 minutes or more. I haven’t found a staple DC product as yet. I’ve tried different ones including some homemade ones. I think I’m going to experiment more with homemade DC’s and also do some research for great ones to purchase.

I like some of these conditioner above but none of them I would buy anymore after they are finished. I’ve learned that with my natural hair, a concentrated, nutrient-packed, moisturizing conditioner/deep conditioner would do greater justice to my hair as opposed to some of these diluted and whipped products that cannot withstand the thickness and thirst of my hair.

[Keep in mind that, some products that did not work for me may work for you. Every hair type is different in some way and requires different moisture levels because of the porosity, structure of our strands, density, etc.]

Check out my quick review of my experience with these product above under my Products Review drop down tab: Conditioners and Deep Treatments. Have you tried or plan to try any of these? What was your experience? Are there any others that you would recommend?


5 thoughts on “Conditioners and Deep Treats!

  1. I’ve tried the Deep Treatment Masque and Hello Hydration that you have in your photo. HH was okay but it was too watered down for me. I need something thick for my coils and kinks. That’s why I like Aussie Moist Conditioner. The Deep Treatment Masque is what I use for a protein treatment every now and then if I don’t use SM Anti-Breakage Masque. I’m not sure if it’s the right one for me so I’m still hunting for a better one.

    • HH is definitely watered down and no the best option for our hair types, I totally agree. Aussie Moist, I’ve never considered Aussie products before. When I see their commercials, I don’t see girls that look like me so I assume that it’s not meant for my hair, like HH kinda too. So are you saying that you’re unsure about the Aussie being right for you or the Shea Moisture? I have yet to find the perfect one too :/

      • The shea moisture deep treatment one. Aussie Moist is hands down one of my staples. I love this stuff. Great slip! I did a product review on my site if you want to look at it. But it’s definitely has the thickness needed for kinky coily hair. I didn’t try it until I read a lot of women on the curlynikkiforums talk about it.

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