Havana vs. Marley: Care to know the difference?

Recently, twists have gained popularity among naturals as a great protective style alternative to braids. They are versatile, feminine and cute! So far, there are three types of twists and they are:

Havana Twists
Marley Twists (also known as Kinky Twists)
Senegalese Twists (also known as Rope Twists)

Senegalese twists (Rope twists) are easily recognizable by their long, skinny, and shiny construct. They are the only twists (so far) created with kanekalon fibers/synthetic straight hair which easily sets it apart from Marley and Havana twists.

Now, Marley twists and Havana twists are similar but not the same. Both looks can be created using Marley braid hair/kinky hair. Additionally, “Havana hair by Finger Comber” has come about more recently, specifically for creating Havana twists. I’ve never tried “Havana hair,” but supposedly it is softer than Marley/Kinky hair. I use Marley/Kinky hair to do both Marley twists and Havana twists because it’s easily accessible at my local beauty supply store for $4.99/per pack (as opposed to Havana hair available online priced at $12.99/per pack) and I’ve never had any objections to using this type of synthetic hair for either style.

So whats the real difference between Havana and Marley twists?

Havana twists

Ideally have chunky sections/parts
Appear loosely twisted
Uses a generous amount of strands (typically 3-5) per twist depending on desired look
Has invisible/undetectable roots (where the beginning of the twist meet your hair).

Marley twists (Kinky Twists)

Smaller sections/parts
Tighter twists
Uses fewer strands (typically 1-2) per twist
No invisible roots (braided for about an inch then twist)

Nowadays, a lot of people are using the style names Havana twists and Marley twists interchangeably, deeming them the same. Also to add to the confusion, people have been combining the two styles for a desired look (e.g: smaller Havana twists instead of chunky Havana twists or Marley twists (reminder: tightly twisted) with invisible roots). This would surely cause confusion, especially for those cannot see or tell the difference easily.

It seems as though hairstyles are evolving and remixing off of one another. I see no problem with that. Quite frankly, I think it’s great because then more styles are added to the “Encyclopedia of Protective Styles” for us naturals to pick up on and try out ourselves!” And to each is own–everyone has different variations of styles that suits their needs. For example, I prefer small/medium Havana twists over the “original” chunky twists. So, hopefully, this clarification can help us use the correct terminology in the meantime to address each style as they are currently.  Who knows, something totally new might evolve from these two or three types of twists. Let’s wait and see! 🙂


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