My # 1 Hair Problem

For a long time now, I’ve been doing my own hair rather than going to a hair salon to get it done. I’ve known how to do hair since the age of 9; Over the years, I’ve been practicing and perfecting my skills.

Since returning natural over two years ago, I’ve been putting my hair in protective styles and occasionally giving it a break by leaving it out. I realize that I liked switching up my hairstyles because it was fun, cute, and different. Anyone who knows me personally, knows that I change my hair often. My hairstyles do not last long at all!–and that’s my own fault.

Without a doubt, I have HIH…[hand in hair syndrome]. Self-diagnosis. It is what it is. My number one hair problem is that I change my hair too often! Because I know that I can do hair, I don’t ever worry about my styles lasting for a certain amount of time at all! This is not good because the point of protective styling is to preserve your natural hair from constant manipulation. My ever-changing hairstyles absolutely defeat the purpose of protective styling.

For the past three weeks I was rocking Havana twists. I’ve had them in since August 24th. I really wanted to take them out at the end of week 2, but instead, I redid the front to extend the longevity of this style for just one more week to make it three. Three weeks was up technically up yesterday (September 14th). I actually took on the twists Friday evening. I couldn’t wait a day more, shame on me.. But I had to walk through the rain on Friday during a random downpour without an umbrella, so it was only right to take my hair down and cleanse it immediately (excuse and justification, lol).

Anyhow, after taking them out finally, I spent the weekend installing some loc extensions, sister loc extensions to be exact. My goal is to keep this style in for at LEAST a month (4 weeks), but I am going to aim even higher for a month and a half (6 weeks). Yeah, now I know that is probably not long at all for some, but for me, it’s like a decade!

P.S: In the next post, I will give the specs on my sister loc extensions. Stay tuned!!!


7 thoughts on “My # 1 Hair Problem

  1. Have the same hand syndrome, I spend 3 hours putting in a protective style and 3 days later, wanna rock a twist out, LOL, it’s terrible but just can’t help it, ahhhhh, lol.
    Thanks for understanding girl but will try to be more disciplined from……………………………..Sunday, hehehe, that’s my wash day.

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