Something Came Up So I Had to Change my Hair

Soooooo…long story short, I took ALL of my mini twists out, officially, last night.

Yeah, I know, I know..I was adamant about keeping them in until December. I really thought I could and would, but something came up last week and I felt an urgent need to change my hair!

Well, I had an interview and I realized that I probably shouldn’t wear my Allegra wig with the curly bangs in my face. I wanted the interviewers to be able to see my whole face and take me seriously. I wanted to look professional, not playful; I wanted to be me, my natural, real self.

So I decided to take down some of my twists around the perimeter of my head. I left the twists in the middle because I didn’t want to completely flunk my Fall Protective Style Challenge! LOL! So I took down the twists around the perimeter on Thursday night or Friday morning (I don’t remember) and dampened and detangled my hair with water. Then I moisturized with a leave in cream and some Shea butter. On top of that, I put my Olive Oil Eco Styler and brushed my hair down smooth and put a hair elastic to hold it tight. Tied it down overnight.

I took my scarf down the morning I left and rocked my little ponytail through the airport. And of course, I put it back on when I was on the plane. I want to make sure my edges remained laid until after my interview. lol. Anyhow, Saturday night, I spritzed a little water on my hair to soften up the Eco styler gel and brushed the outside so that it can be straighter. Then I tied it down overnight. On Sunday, my preparations had paid off and my hair was LAID!!! I put some old Marley hair that I used this past summer for my Havana twists, around my little pony to give it some volume. And I put some edge control on my edges. I tied my scarf around my edges until the very last minute before leaving for the interview. Here were the results:


Here’s me after my interview:


I was super excited that day and so glad I made the decision to wear my hair that way! I don’t think I would’ve been comfortable in my wig for an interview. I feel more confident when I wear my natural hair because I give my genuine self. No shame! I love my hair! 🙂


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