Black Friday 2013 Shoe Haul: “I have too many shoes!” – said no girl ever.

I didn’t want to..
I probably shouldn’t have..
But I did.. I gave in..


Not to mention, I didn’t even leave my bed.

After all of that Thanksgiving food, I window shopped online all Friday. I had no motivation nor desire to step outside into the freezing cold weather to go shopping. I have been holding out on shopping since October and told myself that I won’t buy material things until the New Year. My goal is to SAVE SAVE SAVE for bigger, more important things.

I must say though, it didn’t hurt much that I bought four pairs of shoes at 11:30am after window shopping all day online -_-
I guess I am still an impulsive shopper! I see it, I want it, gotta have it! Sometimes I can control myself; but this time, I made excuses to myself like, “Well, start your birthday shopping now, get the shoes now, dress, hair and accessories later, etc.” Mind you, my birthday is more than 2 months away! Then I tried to justify my purchase, “Well, you did reach your savings goal for the month, why not treat yourself with the excess this one time?” And that was it, I bought four pairs of shoes at one time.

Kind of ridiculous, I know. But a while after, I stopped beating myself up over this, because I’ve been doing such an amazing job at reaching my savings goal and I really need to give myself credit. I used to shop almost every weekend in the past, for years, not because it was an addiction, but because I was bored and didn’t have anything better to do with my time at all. Looking back at myself then and where I am now, the major difference is that I have serious goals for my future. I am more conscientious about my spending and saving. So it does’t hurt to treat myself once in a while. I am so worth it. Work hard, play hard. Plus, I’m still a bargain shopper..4 pairs of shoes for less than $100 including shipping?? A steal for a Black Friday deal.

~ Self love


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