What is Beauty?

My definition of beauty:

A genuine smile that emits an overflow of carefree joy, humility and confidence from within. She will naturally radiate a glow from a genuine smile and that is simply beautiful to me.


I’ve come across social media pages that have the words, “beauties, gorgeous females, etc.” in their titles or page descriptions. I’ve realized the the images posted on these pages have commonalities in appearances. For example, long hair, curly hair, straight hair, or simply pit, easy-to-manage hair. [NOTE: My interest to exclaim this comes from my observation of lack of natural hair “beauties,” 4b/4c hair type, to be specific.] These pictures I would consider to be attractive and having sex appeal, but that is not to say that these women are not beautiful by any means. My belief is just that beauty lies far deeper than skin, than the surface level of looks and appearances. It is something to be search for and found. It is an energy to be felt. It is not found instantly in the blink of the eye like attraction and appeal.

The words beauty and beautiful are being wrongly interchanged with gorgeous, sexy, and attractive, in my opinion. We need to look deeper for real beauty, stare a bit longer, probe our thoughts and decide the meaning of beauty for ourselves. It is beyond a pretty face and easy-to-manage hair. Nonetheless, all women have beauty to be found within and brought out. We are Go’s precious creations, a jewel and gift to man. And I am sharing my opinion and feelings in hopes for the future, that good looks and sex appeal not be glorifies as beauty, impose on beauty, interchanged with beauty nor overshadow or redefine beauty. That is all.




Black Friday 2013 Shoe Haul: “I have too many shoes!” – said no girl ever.

I didn’t want to..
I probably shouldn’t have..
But I did.. I gave in..


Not to mention, I didn’t even leave my bed.

After all of that Thanksgiving food, I window shopped online all Friday. I had no motivation nor desire to step outside into the freezing cold weather to go shopping. I have been holding out on shopping since October and told myself that I won’t buy material things until the New Year. My goal is to SAVE SAVE SAVE for bigger, more important things.

I must say though, it didn’t hurt much that I bought four pairs of shoes at 11:30am after window shopping all day online -_-
I guess I am still an impulsive shopper! I see it, I want it, gotta have it! Sometimes I can control myself; but this time, I made excuses to myself like, “Well, start your birthday shopping now, get the shoes now, dress, hair and accessories later, etc.” Mind you, my birthday is more than 2 months away! Then I tried to justify my purchase, “Well, you did reach your savings goal for the month, why not treat yourself with the excess this one time?” And that was it, I bought four pairs of shoes at one time.

Kind of ridiculous, I know. But a while after, I stopped beating myself up over this, because I’ve been doing such an amazing job at reaching my savings goal and I really need to give myself credit. I used to shop almost every weekend in the past, for years, not because it was an addiction, but because I was bored and didn’t have anything better to do with my time at all. Looking back at myself then and where I am now, the major difference is that I have serious goals for my future. I am more conscientious about my spending and saving. So it does’t hurt to treat myself once in a while. I am so worth it. Work hard, play hard. Plus, I’m still a bargain shopper..4 pairs of shoes for less than $100 including shipping?? A steal for a Black Friday deal.

~ Self love

Carnival Sunday!


Carnival in the Air!

Yesterday, I attended the annual Caribbean Carnival in my town. It was a beautiful and sunny day with a cold breeze at times. Overall, the carnival was cool; it had fewer attendees this year, probably due to the fact that it was football Sunday. However, it was drama-free for the most part and diverse with all types of people, old and young, and different cultures and ethnicities apart from the Caribbean Islanders. I had a great time!

I rocked my Havana twists in a neat high bun. The night before, I redid the twists at the front so that my hairstyle would appear fresh. I used Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Smoothing Cream to reduce the frizziness while retwisting. Then I used ORS edge control on my edges in the front and the back. I tied down the perimeter of my hair with a scarf and put a bonnet over my bun. In the morning, I took off the hair ties and my hairstyle looked freshly done.

I am currently at the start of week 3 wearing my medium Havana twists. I think this entire week, I will keep my hair bunned. See pictures below from my awesome fun-day-Sunday with my naturally awesome curly fashionista friend Kay Mae! I love her style by the way–she is a trendy, edgy, and unique fashionista. Hopefully, she will start a blog displaying her fashion style, tips soon! If and when she does, I’ll be sure to let y’all know! Oh, and if you’re wondering about the cute and flirty little yellow dress that I’m wearing, check it out on my Fashion Finds page for more details!