What is Beauty?

My definition of beauty:

A genuine smile that emits an overflow of carefree joy, humility and confidence from within. She will naturally radiate a glow from a genuine smile and that is simply beautiful to me.


I’ve come across social media pages that have the words, “beauties, gorgeous females, etc.” in their titles or page descriptions. I’ve realized the the images posted on these pages have commonalities in appearances. For example, long hair, curly hair, straight hair, or simply pit, easy-to-manage hair. [NOTE: My interest to exclaim this comes from my observation of lack of natural hair “beauties,” 4b/4c hair type, to be specific.] These pictures I would consider to be attractive and having sex appeal, but that is not to say that these women are not beautiful by any means. My belief is just that beauty lies far deeper than skin, than the surface level of looks and appearances. It is something to be search for and found. It is an energy to be felt. It is not found instantly in the blink of the eye like attraction and appeal.

The words beauty and beautiful are being wrongly interchanged with gorgeous, sexy, and attractive, in my opinion. We need to look deeper for real beauty, stare a bit longer, probe our thoughts and decide the meaning of beauty for ourselves. It is beyond a pretty face and easy-to-manage hair. Nonetheless, all women have beauty to be found within and brought out. We are Go’s precious creations, a jewel and gift to man. And I am sharing my opinion and feelings in hopes for the future, that good looks and sex appeal not be glorifies as beauty, impose on beauty, interchanged with beauty nor overshadow or redefine beauty. That is all.




MAC Makeup Haul!


I finally invested in some great eyeshadow colors for everyday wear! I went to the MAC store to create a 15 color custom palette of primarily matte and neutral colors.

The purpose of this palette is for everyday wear by using different shades of brown to match my natural lid color, lighten it or darken it, depending on the look I am going for. Also, a few of the colors are meant to be transitioning colors to soften the edges of a bold look, or to add dimension to a look. I own a few other palettes too, but they are all shimmers and colors that aren’t meant for daytime/everyday wear. I carefully researched and decided on the colors in my palette before purchasing because this was an investment. I am satisfied with my color choices and have a use for each shade of brown. This palette now completes my eyeshadow collection and I will probably use it the most.

Here are the color names and swatches below:

Colors (left to right)

Row 1 – Brule, Soft Brown, Expensive Pink, Soba, Chrome Yellow
Row 2 – Rice Paper, Texture, Brown Script, Cork, Print
Row 3 – Arena, Saddle, Brown Down, Sumptuous Olive, Steamy

My MAC Custom 15 Color Palette


Swatches (left to right) – Brule, Soft Brown, Expensive Pink, Soba, Chrome Yellow, Rice Paper, Texture, Brown Script, Cork, Print, Arena, Saddle, Brown Down, Sumptuous Olive, Steamy

*The top half eye shadows are without a primer or a base, meanwhile, the bottom half has Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer underneath.

There isn’t much of a difference between the two in terms of pigmentation, density and true tone of the color. However, do keep in mind that this is picture taken and colors are not exactly true in images. Additionally, this was not taken in natural light. If you plan to purchase any of these colors, be sure to test them out on yourself.


In the past I’ve bought and tried eye shadows in different shades of brown but when applied to my lid, would look grey, or sometimes wouldn’t show or look darker than it is in the pan. I have a Loreal quad of matte browns and highlight for an everyday look but it doesn’t show up on my skin with a true brown pigment. It almost seems like baby powder on my skin and the darkest color is a brown for cool undertones skin. I also have a Sephora 3 color wheel of browns and highlight and it is better quality version of the Loreal quad because it is also for cool undertones. These MAC colors on the other hand, are very pigmented and true to their color when applied to my lid; they are a perfect match for my warm yellow undertone and tan/light brown skin tone.

It was in February of this year that I realize that I my skin tone was warm with yellow/golden undertones. It is important to know, when it comes to foundation and neutral eye makeup, what colors are right for your skin tone. The benefit of higher end make up, especially eye shadows is that most likely, you are able to test them out before purchasing to see if they are a good match for your skin tone. I suggest going into one of your favorite make up stores to inquire about what make up best matches your skin tone and undertones, and also have fun testing out different shadows. After all, you want the best for your buck and to have a little fun shopping around. All in all, I probably won’t purchase eye shadows for a while until I run low, and I probably would be very hesitant to make my first stop the local drug store. Sometimes, investments are worth the money because it may save you a buck or two than the costly trial and errors of drugstore brands. Just my two cents. =)




Loc Luvin’


Fall is here! And I welcomed it with season appropriate attire, hence the dark colors, while commemorating Summer with a splash of bold lip colors and a fierce hairstyle!

This past Saturday, I styled my sister loc extensions into large bantu knots. It was a fun, daring and edgy styling choice I decided to try after seeing a picture on Instagram of a woman’s locs in bantu knots. It was so beautiful and different that I had to try it on my extensions.  I must say, it came out pretty well considering that mine are extensions which are not as flexible and regular loc’d hair.

Sister Loc Bantu Knots

Sister Loc Bantu Knots

And to go along with my daring hairstyle, I took the time to try something new with makeup. I created a lip ombre that I fell in love with! On the outer, I used one of my favorites, NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Volga from Sephora; and on the inner, Wet n Wild Don’t Blink Pink 966 from my local Walgreens.

Lip Ombre

Lip Ombre

For more pictures on my Sister Locs and Bantu Knots, click here to visit my Loc Extensions Hair page!