Fashion Finds

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This dress is one of my favorite finds of the summer! I wore it for the first time to a Caribbean Carnival and it was a show stopper! Heads turning, people complimenting, and I’m sure it will be remembered–the Bajan girl in the yellow dress. I purchased this dress from Marshall’s for $27. I had received 10% off the Marshall’s price because there was makeup around the neckline from people trying it on. I had second thoughts of buying it because of that, but in the end, I’m glad that I did! I washed it and the makeup came out and the dress looked brand-spanking new. I don’t know whether, I’ve mentioned already that Marshall’s is one of my favorite places to shop! I’m a bargain shopper and I find some of the most fabulous things in TJX stores.

Handmade African Inspired Earrings

I purchased these earrings from a street vendor in Brooklyn, NY somewhere along Fulton St. They are hand constructed and made of bamboo and the circle ones of coconut (I think). I am absolutely in love with them; they are big and bold and would complement some of my natural hairstyles. The total cost for all three was $38, which decent considering the materials used and the fact that each earring was original handmade. I knew that there was about a 1% chance of me running into anyone with the same earrings as me, so it was well worth the cost. These earrings are absolutely unique and well worth every cent.

Steve Madden "Tabbi" Flat Shoes

Steve Madden “Tabbi” Flat Shoes

These cognac Faux Leather Flat Oxford shoes are one of my favorite finds this summer! I am in love with these Oxford trim shoes. They are fashionable, versatile and above all, extremely comfortable. They were a steal for $29.99 at Marshalls. I can always count on Marshalls for a “fab find!”
Vintage Floral High Waist Shorts

Vintage Floral High Waist Shorts

These shorts are so darn cute! These were a fabulous find at my local thrift store for only $8 or $9 bucks! At first I didn’t like them on the rack but I was curious so I tried them on. I had to turned on my fashion sense and stepped outside my comfort zone from sticking to basic and safe colors and styles of clothing. Instantly, I fell in love! I purchased these floral pair along with three other basic colors, black, tan, and green. There are so many thrift shops in my area, I think I should visit them more often.


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