Who am I?
I’m SarahDee, a Caribbean gal in the Northeast.

What do I love to do?
I am a natural hair lover and doer, photography and travel enthusiast, model and athlete to name a few things.

What are my aspirations?
There are plenty of other things I aspire to do in my lifetime, the possibilities are endless. But relative to this blog, I want to become an entrepreneur, a business owner, and LOVE what I do by building upon my brand, Coils so Beautiful ™: to create products, wigs, etc. inspired by natural afro-textured hair.

Ever since I returned to being natural, I’ve researched products, hairstyles, hair care and all things tangential. I began this blog to expand my thoughts, ideas and excitement about natural hair beyond the limits of my mind. I love to write and I express myself best in this way. I am eager to share my knowledge, findings, and experience with you all as this is a part of my journey-better fitting, a written documentary and a stepping stone for my future. I will saturate my posts with all things hair related but also incorporate some posts of divergent things that are fun and interesting to me. Nonetheless, my intent is to educate, inspire and empower aspiring naturals to love and embrace their hair as a beautiful part of themselves.

I am not a licensed beautician/hairdresser, therefore any product reviews, descriptions, hair suggestions, etc. are my own opinion and not factual unless otherwise quoted with sources cited.

I give God all the glory for the things He has and will do for me!


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